Saving Gaia - Thread by thread

Have you tried cutting down usage of straws when you are at the cafe? Or have you tried to minimise plastic bags use when you are the supermarket? Thank you for your effort in loving our ailing Earth. Join us in the quest to further reduce waste in a way not many know it's within their power to do so. 

Small acts contribute to enormous changes. Fast fashion are generating over 300,000 tonnes a year of textile waste for incineration and landfill. Fast production and low cost clothings are being disposed after one or two wears, this trend is hurting the earth in more ways than one.

Wearing vintage is aesthetically unique and style truly owned by oneself. Fugu Vintage is committed to push forward  slow fashion and reducing textile waste thread by thread. 

Vintage garment that has seen through the decades tells different stories by its previous keepers and like history, fashion styles would repeat itself. 

We believe in one piece culture slow fashion. No one likes to look exactly the same as another in an event or in the streets, be different and environmental conscious, buy one piece unique garment from vintage shops. Always dressed your style, saving Gaia together thread by thread, garment by garment.